Sunday Park Football

BEFC Park Football
6th May (Sun)

[ Looks like it is on! 5 aside on the grass - Reina can you add your friends to the list so we know full numbers ]

With no TML this weekend, futsal cancelled due to Golden Week and some important games coming up, it's a good opportunity to make sure we don't forget how to play football!! Park Football to the rescue!

Park football starts at 4pm and is on the Kawasaki side of the river, so please pay attention to the map location. Nearest stations are Futako Tamagawa or Futako Shinchi.
This event is open to everyone so feel free to sign up friends - just put their full name on the form as a new entry.
Since it's on a park it's free as we don't have to pay anyone (no match fee).

In cases of bad weather (rainy season) we'll check the pitch on the day but email before 1pm if we have to cancel. We'll call it depending on the state of the grass.

We generally want to see at least 12 sign ups by Friday evening/Saturday Morning so we can play a minimum of 6 aside.
Less than 10 and we'll probably cancel although we did do 4 aside once -- (hard work out).