12th November (Sat)
Meet: 08:30 KO: 09:15

First match in the FCJ Cup against new division 2 team JETRO who are doing quite well.

When I joined BEFC my first match was a relegation battle which BEFC won, putting JETRO into Division 3.
JETRO has floated about in Division 3 until now, and since promotion have been performing pretty well. Especially a 7-1 hammering of Musketeers.

This year's Cup strategy is going to be very specific to the situation.
In former years the Cup was used to play a much more recreational team and not so competitive.
Also for many teams who weren't Hibs and Swiss, going after the Plate was a good chance to win something.

HOWEVER.... this will be our first match against JETRO who are competing against us in the same division.
I think we want to smash them, and let them know they will also lose again in the league fixture.
On top of that we have to continue a strong winning mentality. For that reason we're always going to pick the strongest available squad.
A run in the Cup means we will be facing much harder opponents and if Division 1 is our goal, we need to have experience facing off against these stronger opponents so we get a proper idea of the level we have to get ourselves to be Division 1. This is an opportunity to say 'hello' to some Division 1 opponents by making a run on the cup.

Now that's clear, let's go and win.

This match's time got resecheduled due to YC&AC needing the pitch. Therefore we have an early start. As it's a Saturday morning, perhaps save going out on the town the night before...