BEFC vs Fussa FC

BEFC vs Fussa
17th December (Sat)
KO 13:00 Meet: 12:00

The last game of the half season with the TML going deep into December for final fixtures. Fussa are a decent side who gave us our first loss last season under some rather fortunate circumstances and refereeing. However we got revenge in the return fixture where lady luck wasn't about to aid them.

Fussa are a decent team of young players who keep up a high workrate as one of their strengths. They also tend to get good results against other teams so are always in the mix.
However there were some interesting pictures of Fussa vs Pumas last season of a Fussa we've never played which looked more like a B team. So they could well be another type of team that it depends on who shows up. This is important when looking at form because a loss to a weaker club might be due to them not playing their A team.

Key players to keep an eye on are their right back who is sometimes swap in as a forward depending on their tactics. He's very quick and also the lad responsible for the two wonder goals in the match we lost.

The lateness of this match might cause some issues but I hope we can all make it.
Also we have Onsen Remembers the day after in Saginuma. I really hope people will consider both events. Onsen Remembers is not a hard competition, it's more for fun so should be a good wind down and active recovery.