2nd September (SUN)

First match for TML16 is against SUNS FC who just missed promotion to Division 1 by a point. Does that sound familiar?
SUNS were relegated from D1 two seasons ago when they were known as Oakwood Geckoes. They since rebuilt their team and looked like a front runner for promotion last season having led the pack for most of it with the top 1,2 & 4 top scorers in the division.

We also played SUNS in the FJC Cup, and for the opening half it was quite even with them giving us problems though tricky wingers. Thankfully we figured them out tactically and went on to win 5 - 0. It's worth reading the MVP / Report on this match for the reason we changed the tactics and won. (

The point mentioning this is two things:

  • We have to start strongly and continue to play like we are in Division 1. If we become complacent, we will just end up doing the same things we got away with in D2 but got punished for in D1. Our goal is to continue to improve.
  • SUNS were good when we played them, but we figured them out. The 5 - 0 scoreline was because we played very well, but on a bad day it could have been much different.
    They also ould have improved more as they gelled over the season so take it seriously.

This is also notable for people who like a bit of coincidence:

  • The season SUNS got relegated to division one, the first match of the season was against us. That was just after the season we missed out on promotion by a single point.
    SUNS took us too lightly and we were super motivated to win the league after missing out so closely.
  • This season it is almost a repeat except it is us who have come down and SUNS who missed out by a point. We don't want some freaky repeat in which SUNS are us and we are SUNS.

So lads, we have to start strong and make a big statement against one of D2s top contenders to show everyone we aren't supposed to be in Division 2, and won't be for much longer.
We also have to be working on the important parts of our game that means when we get ourselves back into D1 we are staying there!