BEFC vs Sala

BEFC vs Sala 2018 April
April 7th (Sat)

BEFC vs Sala is a bit of a classic for us. Maybe it is like a Scotland vs England match because I think they care much less about it than we do! However at BEFC I have yet to beat them in the TML!!!
Right now we are totally capable of beating Sala but each time something contrives to screw us over. It is much like some strange curse and we seriously need to get around to breaking it.
Last time we were optimistic until thanks to some of our players not showing up we had to play the full match with no subs and three onfield players needing to play through injury with portions of the game with us at 10 men.

So this match is a horrible time at our least favourite venue Fukuda Denshi. However if we are going to start winning, we all need to start turning up.
That may sound a little harsh but the theme for me this season has been injuries and drop outs. Last season we had practically had the same players in all matches and we won the league.
Division 1 has been a step up in fitness and skills which has caused some injuries (as well as some shocking tackles!!) but if we are going to stay up we're going to need to get stuck in here.

Last match we lost due to player drop out. We had enough to beat Sala and in the opening half were dominant. We need to beat Sala to keep them at the bottom of the table.
This is a key match in a looming relegation battle so time to put on your fighting trousers!