(MIX) MIFA Football Park 4th Anniversary Cup

Sunday, 22 Jul. 2018

* This event is open to BEFC ladies team and BEFC Futsal team members only.

This is the time of the year we play mix match at MIFA football park!!
MIFA Football park holds Mix Futsal Tournament again this year on Sunday, 22 July.

Each team has to have at least one female player from BEFC Ladies team.
It's 5 on 5 general futsal match based on JFA futsal rule. No sliding and no shoulder charge.
If male player get faul against female player, it will be penalty kick by the female player who got attacked.
BUT, if 2 female players are in the pitch, the team can play with total 6 players. (2 female players + 4 male players)
If female players score it's 2 points!!

2 teams, BEFC and BEFC Shiro are registered.

Total 16 teams are divided into 2 blocks. 8 teams will play round robin then the teams in the same ranking will play against each other at the end. Play off will be 10min.

There will be prize for the 1st place and other prizes will be prepared by MIFA.

Match: 8 minutes per game. Final game (play-off) will be 10min.
Fee: 19,000yen per team. 
Pitch: 18m x 36m/ long turf/ outside for all weather pitch/ no studs (cleats) are allowed.
Facility: Shower and locker rooms are available for all the members. 

We will get some drinks and food to recharge after the tournament at their cafe/bar!!
Or if everyone agrees, we can Go to the village vanguard cafe near Toyosu station.


Reception: between 11:15am - 11:45am

Opening Ceremony: 11:50am

Tournament: 12:00-17:00


Match schedule attached as PDF.

PDF icon 7.22 4th anniversary大会概要.pdf882.35 KB