14th January (Sun)
17:00 KO | Meet 16:00

Second round of the FJC cup and in all previous seasons we have failed to get beyond 2 games in either cup, so let's sort that out lads!!!

Last season Suns FC dropped into Division 2 and renamed themselves having previously been Oakwood Geckoes. Initially it looked like they had player issues and we gave them a very rude welcome to Division 2 with a huge 8 - 1 thumping. The rematch also ended 4 - 2 to us.

However that was then and this is now, and by the looks of things Suns have got their squad and team back on course with a 3 - 0 win over Zion to put them up against us.
Also in Division 2 they have been at work crushing the opposition with a recent 6 - 0 slaughter of Real Celts and sitting at the top of Division 1 without a loss.
Does that remind you of anyone?

So a former Division 1 team are refinding their D1 pedigree and most likely on current form will be back up there next season.
This makes this one a serious match up!!! We want our own D1 form rocking, and especially building on that extra match speed and flow we unleashed in the second half against Kanto Celts.

In my years at BEFC (not that many) we have always done well in the first match and then sucked in the next round. Granted last season we did a mirror of the last game vs BFC, with slow start and really good second half. But the doom of penalties put us out (last seasons on penalties!!).

Let's break the hoodoo!!!