BEFC vs Kanto Celts

BEFC vs Kanto Celts 2019
22nd December (Sun)

A nearly Christmas last match of the season clash with Kanto Celts who we fought back to draw 4 - 4 with at the start of the season. Some of their goals were lucky, with the current joint top scorer Shosuke Yamagishi skilfully falling anywhere near the penalty area to win ... penalties!
Would like to see how many goals are actually from open play.

We outworked Celts, and should do so again. The speed and intensity we took to them wore them out in the later stages of the match. However we need to be careful as Yamagishi is always a threat, especially from Celts simply lumping the ball forward to him and hoping there is a defensive mistake so he can run through. We need to talk about Yamagishi because it is accurate to say that he dives, and he also fouls defenders and then falls over himself. This is not the fault of the ref, but a player who appears to be trying to game the ref. We have to make his falling over and fouling obvious so he cannot use this style to try and win freekicks close to the our box, or just go down in the penalty box for a penalty. Without those 2 factors we would have won the previous fixture 4 - 2.

Celts in general have had a poor recent run of results, being beaten 3 times in a row by Sala, Panthers and D2 Guts. This is a team we should be looking to take the 3 points from for a nice Christmas present before the Winter break!!