BEFC Bi-Annual Meeting 2014/15

BEFC Japan - Bi-Annual Meeting 2014
17th Jan (Sat)
Afternoon - 3pm~

At the end of last season we had the BEFC Annual General Meeting where we discussed a number of important matters and subsequently acted upon them. A lot of the impact is already very evident at the club. However there are still more items to be worked on in creating our vision for BEFC and taking it forward as a club that meets its potential, and fulfills its membership.

So before we start the second part of the TML season, it is a good moment to have a Bi-Annual General Meeting (BGM), and set more goals we can achieve for the end of the season, as well as define and clarify any of the club's policies (one particular matter will be sponsorship for next season, for example).

Anyone interested in how BEFC operates as a club should try to attend, since participation influences the decisions made for the rest of the season, and further on.
For people who can't attend you will still be able to send your opinion so it can be brought up and discussed. The Agenda for the meeting is on the link above and made up of all the matters we will discuss and potentially act on. You'll be able to see it on the event page when logged in as a member. You can add your own matters to the agenda by emailing the club.
If you are unable to attend but want to voice your opinion on anything in the Agenda, again please email it to the club.

The BGM will take place at House No.3 on the Embassy courtesy of our President Richard Oppenheim.