BEFC vs Kanto Celts

BEFC vs Kanto Celts
9th December (Sat)
KO 14:30

We don't know much about Kanto Celts except they have mainly been a mainstay of Division 1 for a long time. They briefly dropped into Division 2 about three seasons ago, which was a surprise, and they swiftly bounced straight back up into Division 1 with an undefeated season. However life in Division 1 as we have now experienced is a lot tougher and last season Celts finished 7th, equal on points with Pumas.

This season's results haven't been going their way with their only points coming with a draw against Pumas and a win over Zion sitting them currently 8th. However the results themselves are not so bad with all their losses by a single goal. Up until now that is as Zion got a revenge match drubbing in putting 6 goals past them!!!

So there is very little we can really judge about Celts from these results. One noticeable factor is that they look to have a star striker in Shosuke Yamagishi who nets most of their goals. Judging by the team photo he looks to be a speedster, so we'll need to look out for that. He also pops up last season for goals and also yellow cards.

The memory of their Division 2 matches were they were similar in some ways to Sala, physical and with technical players. During those long ago matches we showed up with really weak squads and didn't fare that badly but got opened up by counter attacks. The back line were caught out by continuing to play too high up allowed at least two cases of striker vs goalie one on ones. Thankfully we are not doing that any longer!

However if Zion managed to drub Celts 6 - 1 then we should be looking to do something equally damaging -- but being the TML every game can be entirely different depending who turns up for which team ;)