BEFC vs Swiss Kickers

BEFC vs Swiss Kickers
4th February (Sun)

Like many TML teams, once upon a time the team fitted the name. Swiss Kickers used to be the Swiss Embassy but for a long time have nothing to do with anything Swiss or Embassy like.
BEFC haven't played Swiss for more than 5 seasons, with Swiss Kickers being for a long time, one of the top teams of TML, even beating Hibs for an infamous Division 1 Title win on goal difference.

This season Swiss seem to be struggling, much to the surprise of many within the TML. What their current issue is we don't know. It could be that key players have left or are out which can often be the case. An example would have been Sala on the season they were promoted to Division 1. They were horrible up to Christmas, and then their star player returned from overseas and they went on a winning streak up to the last game winning promotion.

So despite Kickers' current position it's really not a good idea to count them out of anything until we know what we are dealing with. They did win the New Year's 7s competition -- take note.
However due to their current position it's also really important that we try to pick up points here and keep us out of the strugglers and challenge the higher teams going into the 2nd half of the season.

One small tidbit is that Swiss field Ryota Ito, the ex-BEFC top scorer from about 4 seasons ago. Ryota decided he wanted a different kind of challenge in Division 1, and not a relegation battle style challenge that BEFC we engaged in at that time.
For Swiss he apparently plays as a full back, so it'll be a really interesting reunion!!!