BEFC vs Real Celts

BEFC vs Real Celts
1st December (Sat)

A very early rematch against Real Celts. The last one ended 2 - 2 thanks to some misfortune our end, and an amazing piece of fortune their end. We dominated the entire match and although we were confortable we could have had a lot more goals to put that game away. One point to note is that D1 Kanto Celts will be playing Pumas the match before ours at the same venue, so they might utilise some (more) or their division 1 players. If they do at least they'll be tired, and it didn't help them much last time.

For our perspective we want a good result and continue to work on being more efficient, effective and direct in the final third. The previous match seemed to be going in the right direction for interplay and getting the ball into the net, so long may that continue. The venue is quite a long way out into Saitama, and a short local train ride from the main station. However the pitch itself is very nice.

Since discipline needs bringing up, the last time we played Celts there were absolutely no issues and zero cards. So we would expect it to be the same, a hard fought match but a fair and good spirited one.
Considering our old friends Zion FC smashed Celts 8 - 0 in the FJC Cup recently we should be looking to do something similar, although if that isn't on the cards, let's be satisfied with a solid win.