BEFC vs FC Sagarmatha

BEFC vs Sagarmatha
17th February (Sun)

BEFC first match ever against FC Sagarmatha and we should be looking to keep picking up the points here. Sagarmatha are a relatively new side which formed 2 season's ago when YCAC dropped out of the TML. They began in Division 3 and looked to be favourites for promotion but trailed off towards the end. This season they actually finished 3rd and are only in Division 2 because of El Diego and Barbarians disbanding. Having played against BEFC Lions, Sagamartha are a typical Japanese style close passing team. Notable traits are two deep lying midfielders who like to dictate the build up play and a strong central defender for three at the back. However apart from the controlling midfield there was nothing significantly outstanding to believe they will have an impact in Division 2. If we pay attention to closing down their style of play and key players then our decent BEFC squad should expect to overpower Sagarmatha and take the three points.

It's important we continue to inflict our tempo, speed and control on teams we perceive as weaker, and make them have to play at our level. A trait of BEFC we are working on losing is that we often adjust our game to the opposition. This is good when we play better teams because we up our game, but bad when we play weaker teams. However to be a truly strong team, it should be the opposition who end up having to adjust their game to us. These are important games to work on doing this and essential to us getting into Division 1 and staying up there.