BEFC vs Shane FC

BEFC vs Shane FC
16th December (Sun)
7pm (Meet 6pm)

The last match before the winter break against D2 new boys Shane FC. Lions remember them losing the first outing 2 - 0, then a 1 - 0 win in the return. Shane are currently bottom of division 2 but have 2 games in hand, being beaten by Sala, Guts and Fussa. With GUTS and Sala currently being the division leaders, this is a match we need to win to keep pace with the points.

The biggest danger right now is low turn out. A 180 degree spin from the start of the season where we had too many people. But now winter comes, injuries occur and this is also a late December date and awkard time. However we register a good win here and it puts us back very nicely in the mix for the second half of the season.

The previous match against Celts was made tough by only having 11 players, with one injured 20 minutes into the game. But despite that handicap BEFC were playing some very fine football, both in build up play to release the attack, and good interchanging from midfield into attack and creating chances. Being able to repeat this, improve on it and with a proper squad rotation it'll be really nice to see what we can do.

The view of Shane is that previously they were a team struggling for players and nearly disbanded. However they have kept going although likely bring in and out different players each time, so less of coordinated team. It does mean though that they could turn up with any level of talent on the day. One thing to note thought that former Sala player Scott 'Scotty' Thompson, and D1 Panther's Nikolai Jessen-Petersen are cropping up in their scorers list, along with Puma's Ryosuke Urai. So potentially they have a cocktail of a few D1 players and ex-Sala depending on the day.
So like any match nothing to take lightly.

As said, the biggest danger for us, is a repeat of not having a large enough squad and last minute dropouts forcing us to play in difficult circumstances. Let's all try and make the effort to play and win this one for CHRISTMAS!!