BEFC & NSK Friendly Cup 2017 7s

BEFC Friendly Cup 2017
8th October (Sunday)
13:00 - 16:30

It's time for this year's Friendly Cup! Where hosts BEFC & NSK invite a number of invitational guest teams for a football tournament.
Over the last 4 years the Cup has been hosted on the Embassy but this year NSK are hosting the competition at their Saginuma Pitch and increasing the competition from futsal to 7s.

What is the Friendly Cup?

BEFC began hosting its own ‘Embassy Friendly Cup’ held on the Embassy 4 years ago with Japanese company NSK and additional invitational teams. 
In previous years NSK would invite BEFC down to their pitches near Nagoya and put on a tournament and host. BEFC then hosted the ‘Friendly Cup’, a 6 team futsal tournament and BBQ held at the British Embassy in Hanzomon, Tokyo. This year NSK are taking a turn to host the Friendly Cup again in a 7 aside competition format.


BEFC Friendly Cup 2017

This year NSK are hosting the friendly cup on their pitch in Saginuma. This allows us to increase the format to a 6 team, 7 aside competition, which allows for bigger teams and more participation.
The friendly cup is a MIXED competition and while not mandatory, teams are hoped to field mixed teams.


This year's teams are:

  • BEFC
  • Adecco
  • NPO Esperanza
  • The Keidanren

*BEFC will combine with NSK to assist in number and make an extra friendly team ;)

There is a squad limit of 12 players per team for reasons of capacity.
However you can still join the social and/or spectate and help out.



12:30       Arrive, change and warmup
13:00 Opening & Group Photo (After changing clothes)
13:10  7s tournament
16:00    End of tournament
16:30 End of event


Tournament Details

The tournament is a round robin, in which each team plays each other once in 10 minute games.
The top two teams play off in the Friendly Cup Final, which is 10 minutes. 

・There are no referees. If a situation is unclear, it is decided by the players and if needed the team captains.

・Normal football rules applies for corners and throw-in, except no offside.

・Players must follow normal football safety rules, meaning shinpads must be worn, jewelry/fitness trackers removed, rings taped.

・ It`s a round robin tournament where each team plays each team once. Each match is 7 minutes (no half time).

・ 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss

・ The league position is decided by Most pts, then Goal Difference, then head to head

The Friendly Cup is about sportsmanship and enjoying football more than winning the title.
Previous Friendly Cups have become more competitive but for enjoyment purposes for all teams it is not about that.



13:15    1             BEFC                  VS                BENSK
13:30    2             Keidanren           VS                Adecco
13:45    3             Esperanza          VS                BENSK
14:00    4             BEFC                  VS                Keidanren
14:15    5             Adecco                VS                Esperanza
14:30    6             BENSK               VS                Keidanren
14:45    7             BEFC                  VS                Esperanza
15:00    8             Adecco                VS                BENSK
15:15    9             Esperanza          VS                Keidanren
15:30    10          Adecco                VS                BEFC
15:45    11          3rd place             VS                4th place
16:00    12          1st place             VS                2nd place

Tournament MVP

As well as winner of the Friendly Cup itself we have a tournament MVP which is voted for by each team captain.
The captain can also take the votes from their team to decide their team vote. The only rule is you cannot vote for a player on your own team.


Remarks about the venue

・Please DO NOT drive to NSK Saginuma pitch as there are no assigned parking spaces.

・NSK Saginuma Pitch is 100% Non-smoking and alcohol free, and it is NOT responsible for any injury or lost during this event.

・ Please keep your valuable by your own. There is a locker room to keep your own things and change clothes inside the clubhouse.

・ NSK Saginuma Pitch is natural grass, so wear appropriate footwear.