About the British Embassy Football Club

British Embassy Tokyo - Home of BEFC

The British Embassy Football Club Japan (BEFC) is an amateur football club based in Tokyo and present in various forms since the 1970s. Strictly defined as BEFC in 1994 by members of the British Embassy it maintains its relationship with the embassy through continued representation by its embassy members. The club however is managed independently from the British Embassy and ran by its membership, which welcomes players of all occupations and nationalities.

Sport has always allowed different groups to come together and begin, maintain or even salvage good relationships. Football is no different and BEFC has historically arranged matches and put out teams to play with embassies, organisations, charities and companies. BEFC represents the Embassy for these events and with football being the quintessential British sport, the team sometimes acts as a sporting ambassador for the game in Japan. When these occasions arise a call will go out to team members who would like to represent the Embassy in this capacity for friendlies, competitions and charity matches.

BEFC has four main teams;

  • BEFC - Elevens squad who play competitively in division one of the Tokyo Metropolis League est. 1994
  • BEFC Lions - Elevens squad who play sem-competitively in division 3 of the Tokyo Metropolis League est. 2017
  • Embassy Futsal - Futsal team who play regular club games, guest friendlies and competitions.
  • BEFC Ladies - Tokyo's only international ladies football club who play futsal, 7s, 8vs8 competitions.

BEFC also take part together irrespective of these teams in other events and competitions.

As well as enjoying football, BEFC upholds the traditional qualities of sportsmanship, team spirit and relationships through sports. And while British in name the clubs enjoys a squad of mixed nationalities brought together through football. As the club has evolved over time, BEFC plays and supports football in Japan at a variety of different levels.