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23rd (Sat) Jan 2016

Caner says sayonara to BEFC and hello to the Hobbits

BEFC - Caner's sayonara game
James 'Caner' Cane has unlaced his boots and headed out for a life with the Kiwi's (and Hobbits) in New Zealand. A player of smooth silky weaves and smart passing, Caner was an integral part of the TML team and club as well as winning the MIFA Futsal Trophy as Captain Caner in back to back...
30th (Wed) Dec 2015

Branco gets ready for BEFC Retirement

Branco Sayonara
Branislav 'Branco' Pochaba receives the legendary BEFC Polo shirt as he prepares to hang up his speedy BEFC boots and leave Japan. Yes, that's right, Bran is leaving us by the end of January, and the match against Kodansha was possibly his last 11s game for BEFC. A regular lock-in at full back for...
17th (Wed) Dec 2014

New BEFC Member - Cristiano Ronaldo's Colleague

BEFC - Moctar and Ronaldo
When not scoring miracle goals for BEFC, new member Moctar Diouf is also helping out colleague Cristiano Ronaldo shape up his winning smile. Here and especially the Hong Kong subway stations, Ronaldo can be seen with Moctar promoting an innovative new device, 'Facial Fitness PAO', designed to tone...
22nd (Mon) Sep 2014

BEFC Will opens his own Irish Pub An Solas in Yoyogi

BEFC Reunion in An Solas
Will, a long time veteran of BEFC has taken a bit of time out this season, to open his own pub An SÓLÁS in Yoyogi. Saturday 20th was the opening party and like a BEFC reunion as new and old BEFC members converged to wish Will success and a new place to drink after matches. With over 15 years...