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BEFC Lions vs Saitama Jets [RESCHEDULED]

Lions vs Jets
Sunday 25th February
14:00 at the station | KO 15:10
RESCHEDULED DATE FOR THE GAME TML have rescheduled our game against Jets, following the cancellation over the frosty pitch in January, let's try bring a strong squad like the one we had lined up for the original date! Location has not changed, but the game is set to start one hour earlier so we can...

BEFC LIONS vs FC Sagarmatha

BEFC Lions vs Sagarmartha
Sunday 11th March
10:15 at the station | KO 11:10
Mitsubishi Yowa Sugamo
2nd leg game against FC Sagarmatha, and a chance for payback! Sagarmatha were the last team to really give us a kick in the butt, but they also marked the beginning of what has been an increasingly better run of results and gameplay. Last we played them we had a very new team with several new faces...