BEFC vs Zion

BEFC vs Zion 2019
3rd November (Sun)

It's been a long time since BEFC have played Zion now, but it is a team we love to beat, and despite them always improving we have had a nemesis status against Zion for about 3 seasons. We must be at least 6 matches with wins over them. This also means that everytime we play them, they are very motivated to beat us!

Currently Zion haven't been performing too well in the league, despite winning the Footy Japan Cup, and if we are to stay in Division 1, despite our great performances so far against the big dogs, we have to put the weaker teams down and bank those points. Zion have always been a very typical Japanese style team with futsal-like passing and while they toughened up, not so good on the physical side, where we have always got at them. Expect solid build up play, and movement, but they struggle to penetrate a defence.

However word is that the team who won the FJC Cup looked nothing like the Zion we knew and loved... beating. So expect something different and let's keep our good record against them intact! The match is a late Sunday one at everyone's least favourite pitch in Chiba... Fukuda Denshi. Getting a strong team out at this time and to this venue will be half the battle!