Upcoming Events

(Ladies) Nadeshiko CP Soccer Clinic

19 JAN 2019
Noa Futsal Stage
Japan CP Soccer Association organises Nadeshiko CP soccer clinic. Currently there are only two female CP players in Japan and they are looking for training partners. The session would be free of charge for participants and there will be a coach conducting and overseeing the training. The coach will...

(Ladies) Friendly Match @Bonfim Football Park

20 JAN 2019
Bonfim Football Park
Friendly match we used to join at Bonfim Football Park Ochiai Minaminagasaki is back! They will gather 4 teams and play round robin for 7-8 times just like our regular futsal training. Team will be registered if we have enough players (6-8 players). Pitch: Indoor court, Short pile artificial turf,...