(Cancelled) Shibuya-ku Ladies Futsal Tournament

Sun, 22 OCT 2017

**CANCELLED due to weather**

Shibuya-ku Football Association hosts Ladies Futsal Tournament at Shibuya-ku Sports Centre.

This tournament is divided into 2 sections: morning and afternoon. BEFC Ladies will be playing int the morning tournament.
It is a round robin tournament with 5 teams. 5 on 5 general futsal.
Players list needs to be submitted on the day before the game starts.

Pitch: Artificial turf (short pile)
Rule: 2014 JFA and official futsal rules
Game time: 16minutes, 8min -(2min break)- 8min
Price: 8,000yen per team

09:00-09:30 Reception (Submit members sheet)
09:30-13:30 Tournament

10:00-10:18 BEFC Ladies vs あまちゃんず amachanzu
10:40-10:58 BEFC Ladies vc SOCIOS Adult
11:40-11:58 BEFC Ladies vs Calitas B
12:20-12:38 BEFC Ladies vs Calitas A
12:50 Award giving ceremony

(Information in Japanese) http://www.shibuya-fa.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/605d1757a3ee13420b1...