BEFC LIONS vs FC Sagarmatha

BEFC Lions vs Sagarmartha
Sunday 11th March
10:15 at the station | KO 11:10

2nd leg game against FC Sagarmatha, and a chance for payback!
Sagarmatha were the last team to really give us a kick in the butt, but they also marked the beginning of what has been an increasingly better run of results and gameplay. Last we played them we had a very new team with several new faces joining us, and many players learning their new positions. It might have been unlucky that we were beaten by such a large margin, but it also helped motivate us to start working more on our passing rather than punting up,and also to be more flexible and communicative. Let's come back to this second leg to see how we fare against a more competitve side!

This is a new pitch, and a really convenient and nice one at that! In fact, in terms of location it might be one of the best in the TML. The walk is a bit confusing but not far from the station, so please check the map. Let's aim to meet at the station early so we can walk there calmly. Similar to the one we played Oakwood last in terms of size and feel, so be prepared to a simlar game and bounciness of the ball. This will be an early game, but one close to the city, so a few drinks afterwards might be a good way to kick off a relaxing Sunday afternoon (and to celebrate a victory that would set us firmly as a mid-upper table team!).