18th November
16:45 at the pitch

Debut game for the Lions in the cup!
This will be a tough game facing a Division 2 team that made some good showings last season, but struggled with regularity. We have been faced with an uphill struggle with some of the better or more established teams in Div 3, so starting the cup against a tough opponent is no different!
This will be a similar game to the one vs. Dutch, this means this is a good chance to sharpen our competitive mindset, get some grit and try to materialise that "let's go get it" mentaility we have been talking about lately.
The sooner we focus and start 'fighting' for the points, we will see our results improve. Our play and communication has increased dramatically and a cup game is a good chance ot further integrate the squad and test out what we are lacking and how we have progressed... especially against a Div. 2 team.

Fukuda Denshi is a tough pitch to get to, but I think we are all familiar with it.
Remember we are not allowed to hop onto the pitch until the alotted time, so let's meet 20mins prior in front of the changing rooms so we can have a team talk and get ready together.
Those that do not have a kit, please write down NK next to your name so that we can calculate how many kits to bring.

Also, if you have played with BEFC in the cup you are not elegible to play this game, so please keep that in mind.