BEFC - vs Alianza
15th Feb (Sun)
Meet 16:50 | Kick Off 17:15

This was the Embassy Challenge Cup Event, but because the TML booked the pitch on the wrong date we have had to make an emergency change of plan.
Embassy Challenge Cup will be back, but for now this is a different match but at the same time and date, new place.

Luckily our friend Hoshino-san has a match vs ALIANZA 田島 at exactly the same time, and the location is nearer for most people in Shinagawa.
The difference is that BEFC players will join his team to play against Alianza. Hoshino doesn't have a real team, it is always made up of people who join his list.
However I have to get us registered on his list before other people do. So sign up promptly please or this won't work.

The pitch is decent but more like 9 vs 9 size so a little different from 11s. However it is very good for 11s as it makes you quicker on the ball.
We'll use this match the same purpose of the ECC, and that is to give our new members a game and see how they can fit into our full squad for the second half of the season.

After this match BEFC will stop taking new players into our TML Squad until next season.

Players Places are Full Now. We can't register anymore players with Hoshino.