Upcoming Events

BEFC Lions vs Albion Old Boys FC: the revenge of the Lions

Lions Vs Albion season 2
Sunday 23rd September
14:00 at the pitch / 14:30KO
St. Mary's International School
* This is a repost since time and team have been changed for this game; pitch remains the same! Second game of the season against Albion Old Boys Both times we played Albion we got an unfortunate whooping, both times we started strong but distractions when defending cost us dearly as they converted...

Ladies Futsal (27 SEP.)

Thu. 27. Sep.
US Embassy Housing Compound
Regular Ladies Futsal at the US Embassy Housing Compound. Remember to bring photo ID, and if you are not pre-registered you will not be permitted onto the grounds. Please show your photo ID and tell the guard at the gate that you are there to play futsal. We will meet at the indoor gym at 19:30...

BEFC vs Fussa FC

BEFC vs Fussa FC
29th Sept (Sat)
Yokohama Country and Athletics Club
League match against Fussa FC. Fussa are probably one of the teams we have enjoyed playing against the least. This is largely because they are very athletic and don't let up for the entire game. Where BEFC general outwork opposition in physicality and effort, Fussa give us a very strong battle. The...

BEFC Lions vs Saitama Jets: The Lion Rises

Lions vs Jets Season 2
Sunday 7th October 2018
17:45 at the pitch / 18:10 KO
Third Game of the Season vs Saitama Jets. Jets are a solid team that got better as the season went on last year; they've found more players and are playing with a more aggressive and physical type of football; something we are getting better at and usually get good results against, so let's go show...

(Ladies) Tokyu Ladies Soccer Smile 8 Cup

8 October 2018
Shibuya Sports Center
Shibuya-ku Football Association will host a ladies football tournament on 8 October, 2018 (Sports Day). This is the 3rd time for us to participate in this tournament. Unlike general 5 on 5 futsal tournament, this Smile 8 Cup is more serious and open to some ladies teams in football (soccer) league...

(Ladies) Nadeshiko CP Soccer Clinic

13 OCT 2018
Noa Futsal Stage
Japan CP Soccer Association organises the second Nadeshiko CP soccer clinic. Currently there are only two female CP players in Japan and they are looking for training partners. The session would be free of charge for participants and there will be a coach conducting and overseeing the training. The...

NSK x BEFC Friendly Cup 2018 - Even More Friendly

BEFC Friendly Cup 2018
14th October (Sun)
1pm ~
NSK Saginuma Pitch
This year's annual co-hosted event with NSK is going to be even more friendly! It's time for this year's Friendly Cup! Where hosts BEFC & NSK invite a number of invitational guest teams for a football tournament. The Friendly Cup is in its 5th year now and growing in format. Last year we...