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BEFC vs FC International

BEFC vs FC International 2018
24th February (Sat)
4pm (Pitch 14:30)
Yokohama Country and Athletics Club
The return match against FC International. FC International were part of our baptism of fire into Division 1 and probably our best result. It was an intense match and coming back from 0 - 2, we drew the game in the last minute. International as we know have a lot of quality players, ex-pro, semi-...

BEFC Lions vs Saitama Jets [RESCHEDULED]

Lions vs Jets
Sunday 25th February
14:00 at the station | KO 15:10
RESCHEDULED DATE FOR THE GAME TML have rescheduled our game against Jets, following the cancellation over the frosty pitch in January, let's try bring a strong squad like the one we had lined up for the original date! Location has not changed, but the game is set to start one hour earlier so we can...


4th March (Sun)
Fukuda Denshi
Embassy FC's Cup run continues with a seemingly favorable draw against Division 2 GUTS SC. However just like the FA Cup, we should always be wary of match ups where we expect ourselves to be better. Especially as in the Cup the teams can turn out to be very different from the league -- Nepal FC...

BEFC LIONS vs FC Sagarmatha

BEFC Lions vs Sagarmartha
Sunday 11th March
10:15 at the station | KO 11:10
Mitsubishi Yowa Sugamo
2nd leg game against FC Sagarmatha, and a chance for payback! Sagarmatha were the last team to really give us a kick in the butt, but they also marked the beginning of what has been an increasingly better run of results and gameplay. Last we played them we had a very new team with several new faces...

MIFA Football Park Ladies Competition

11 MAR 2018
MIFA Football Park
(This event is only open to the Ladies team members) MIFA Football Park holds the first Ladies Competition in 2018 on Sunday, 11 March. It's 5 on 5 general futsal match based on JFA futsal rule with some local rule. No sliding and no shoulder charge. There will be 8 teams in total participating in...

BEFC vs Pumas

BEFC vs Pumas
16th March (Sat)
In the first game versus Pumas we were all up for having a real titantic battle with them. Matches vs Pumas are always good ones and there is a slight bit of rivalry as we were challenging against them for the D2 title the year we didn't make promotion! Also we always get drawn against Pumas in all...

Ladies Friendly Match @BONFIM

18 MAR. 2018
Bonfim Football Park
BONFIM Football Park in Ochiai Minami Nagasaki holds friendly match between 4 teams every month. For the February session, they have only 1 spot left. 4 teams will play a round robin at Court A. Last time it was 5min game x 7times (2matches with each team and 1 extra at the end). Pitch: indoor...

1st KIWL Charity Futsal Cup

1st KIWL Charity Futsal Cup
21st April (Sat)
Competition 13:00 - 17:00 | Party and Awards 17:00 - 19:00
Futsal Stage, Tama Center
The Knights in White Lycra (KIWL) are a fund raising group who support good causes. Recently KIWL have chosen to NPO Esperanza who are also BEFC's supported organisation. BEFC members will also remember Esperanza who fielded a team in this season's Friendly Cup. KIWL with Esperanza are holding a...