FJC Cup 2018 - BEFC vs Pumas

After a 14 year wait BEFC is back in the final of the FJC Cup! This is the big one lads, bigger than winning Division 2 because BEFC's done that before too. But never has BEFC won the FJC Cup and we have a real chance to make history!

Pumas we know are a great team but we always have really good battles with them - so it's a match that can go either way making this even more a tasty final. Our record against Pumas has been 1-0, 0-1 and 0-1. Two matches in our D2 non-promotion chase and this season where we played with 10 men for an entire half! So it'd be safe to say that no one really counts the last match because both teams want a proper show down where we duel at full strength. Also in our favour it seems we're a team that give Pumas a really hard time. In terms of winning they'd probably much rather had to face some one else knowing what sort of battles we like to have with them. But then in terms of intense matches it's great game to have.

So this is the huge game you need to make!
If we continue to play as we did second half versus Sala, and how we played to dominate BFC then there is every chance we win the cup! It's there for the taking lads with a monumental effort.

The game is at YCAC so easy to invite supporters, and other BEFC to come and support.
We can all celebrate no matter what the outcome!! Even better with the cup in our hands!