Lions vs Nepal FC

Lions vs Nepal FC
Sept 1st (SAT)
Meet 13:35 | KO 14.30

*Game KO time has been changed, KO will now be at 14:30!

First game of the new season for Lions!
We will be kicking our second season off with a match against Nepal FC, a team we have not been able to beat out of sheer bad luck. We started our first season against them, and it seems appropriate to kick-off our second season against them as well.

They play fast counter attacking football, but last we played them we dominated with physicality and getting some good passing to get them tired. We should be looking to beat them and start the season on a high! There are quite a few new teams in the division, so we should have a few exciting games against new faces to keep us all engaged!

For those who have not registered yet or renewed, please do so ASAP

We will be playing (yet again) in a new pitch, so let's try and meet there early and grab cabs to the pitch together. 

Please write NK in the comments if you need kit