BEFC vs King George

BEFC vs King George - TML Division 2
21st Feb (Sat)
Meet 16:10 | Kick Off 17:10

We've now played everyone once, and so the second half of the season officially begins. Our first match vs King George was called off due to lightning. We then played them before Christmas and directly afterwards in the FJ Plate. Despite King George's good looking league position we thrashed them 4 - 0 both times. They must be really sick of playing against us by now, and I hope that to continue.

The pitch is a long way out in Saitama, and this is another late kick off, because I think it must be the only tactic left to try and stop us :p.
Also regarding location, from Omiya there is a special separate train line we have to take attached in a corner of the station bulding. Also the walk from the pitch isn't that long but feels long. So let's give ourselves a reasonable time to get there, and if you are heading by yourself make sure your google maps is working. It's a nice pitch to play on, but one point is there are no showers here.