BEFC Lions vs Pumas FC (Preseason)

BEFC Lions vs Pumas
13th August (Sun)
KO 5pm

Time for some Pre-season!!
BEFC Lions get to face off against Div1 Pumas in preparation for the TML debut.
BEFC and Pumas have a good recent history of tight games and rivalry as last season BEFC chased the then champions, Pumas as far to the end of the season as possible. We also have tough matches against them in all 7s competitions.

However this will not be the full strength Pumas, but make no mistake they will a strong team to warm up with. Pumas are quick, young, fit and used to playing as a team.

BEFC Lions can look to compete against a level much higher than will be faced in D3, and also get valuable time to start working out how everyone fits into the team and its chosen style of play.

This is also a very good warm up for the 7s competition which will also feature..... Pumas!

Lions Players.... if you are not familiar with how we run 11s matches, you have until the Wednesday 10pm before the match to register. Then there is an email which will go out naming the match squad and link to the Match Board.
If you are named in the squad you are expected to show up. If you find out you can't play you must email the club (lions [at] 
If you register late there is no guarantee you can play because your captains will not be looking at the event page after Wednesday, and they will have made a plan. So you should email them directly and ask nicely.

This match is now for both TML teams.