BEFC vs Fussa FC

BEFC vs Fussa FC
29th Sept (Sat)

League match against Fussa FC.
Fussa are probably one of the teams we have enjoyed playing against the least. This is largely because they are very athletic and don't let up for the entire game.
Where BEFC general outwork opposition in physicality and effort, Fussa give us a very strong battle. The bright side is that we generally out play them for football and with patience and perserverance get the wins. 

During out last outing in D2 the win over Fussa in the latter half of the season was the most satisfying. It was a tight old game and they defended resolutely until we managed to finally break them and get that single goal! A win worked hard for.

At the other end of the pitch Fussa tended to be a more counter attacking or long ball team, repeatedly punting high balls at our center backs.
This was pretty easy to defend as Fussa were relying on errors and lucky bounces to run through onto goal which they didn't get. However it can get very boring, as once an attack breaks down, the defence immediately has to deal with a high long ball, only to recycle and initiate an attack again.

Expect a tight physical match you have to be up for in order to get the win. It's likely we'll have the possession but if we overcommit Fussa know how to punish you on the counter.