BEFC vs BFC Vagabonds

BEFC vs Vagabonds
24th April (Sun)
KO 19:10 Meet: 18:10

The mission for promotion continues with a late kick off return match vs Vagabonds in Shigaku.
Vagabonds are in a relegation battle, so we can't take it easy on them. Last season when we both were in the relegation fight, Vagabonds mysterious boosted their team with a number of Division 1 players from their parent club BFC. While we called them out on it, there is no reason they won't bring players in again to avoid the drop.

However if we play the way we did versus Pumas, and with the intensity we did, it won't matter how many BFC players they have.
If we concentrate on playing at that level for the last three games that's the level we need to get used to playing all the time for Division 1 football.