Sunday 7s Popup Park Football

Tokyo Sunday Park 7 aside football
4th June (Sun)

The club has bought two portable 5x2m (16x7ft) sized goals which are official 9vs9 size. They arrived on Saturday and since there are no matches Sunday and the weather is so very fine it's worth trying them out.

Although it's short notice, if people want to head out to Futako-Tamagawa/Shinchi (12 mins from Shibuya) we can give them a go!
Along the river there are plenty of grass playing fields. Some baseball, some football and some free. The area of ground is large, not reserved by anyone and there should be no one about in the afternoon.
We can have a late afternoon kick about or training before heading home for dinner. So just turn up to the fields a little before 5pm and we can take it from there!

If you are interested please register so we can see the numbers. Because if there isn't anyone coming I might save it for another day.

And if it works out nicely we can start making it a regular activity and go for 7s to 9s sessions. Also means if anyone finds nice grass areas we can use we can try different venues, as well as even beach football!


quickplay goals