2nd Esperanza and KIWL Futsal Cup

Esperanza and KIWL Futsal Cup
20th April (Sat)
1 - 5pm | Party from 5:30pm

The 2nd KIWL Futsal Cup on Saturday April 20th invites 12 teams to this 'for-fun' tournament for all abilities. Raising funds for kids with cerebral palsy. 

As you know Esperanza are BEFC's supported NPO, and it was through our introduction that KIWL and Esperanza partnered  together. Last year was the first KIWL Futsal Cup over at E's Cafe in Tama Plaza. This year it will be held at Adidas Sports Park Kawasaki.

Last year BEFC won the competition so KIWL are hoping we will enter a team to defend our title. Obviously this competition is for fun and NOT competitive. So it is open to all members of BEFC but please keep our strong competitive streaks calm - like we do in the Friendly Cup when Spain don't bring a team :p 

The squad size is limited to 8 players, so potentially we could enter 2 teams if we get a lot of sign ups. KIWL are also keen to see plenty of participation form.

Player fee is ‎¥‎2,000 for the competition.

Afterwards there is a all you can eat and drink party for 2 hours for only ‎¥‎3,000.

If you are going to continue on for the party please put 'Party' in the comments.

More Tournament information

Two groups of 6 teams. First four from each group go to knockout stage, last two play play in Plate competition.
Group games 7 minutes, play-off games 8 minutes (no injury time). Each team guaranteed 5 group games and at least one play-off game.

Approximate Schedule:

12:30-13.00: Registration

13:00: Opening ceremony

13.15-17.00: Futsal tournament

17:30-19.30: Cup presentation, buffet & drinks, raffle

Tournament Rules:

3 points for win, 1 point for draw. If teams are level on points, order determined by:

1) better goal difference

2) more goals scored

3) better head to head


1) No limit on back passes but indirect free-kick awarded, if 'keeper picks up ball from own team's back pass.

2) 4 second rule does not apply on corner kicks, kick-ins and goal kicks.

3) Accumulation of 5 fouls doesn't result in penalty kick

4) No offside.

5) Kick-ins not throw-ins. Goal cannot be scored directly from a kick-in.

6) Goalkeeper starts play with goal kick or throw from inside penalty area.

7) No sliding tackles. Free kick given to opposition.

8) In case of freekick or kick-in, opposition player at least 5 meters away.

9) Substitutions - no limit.

10) No extra time. 3 takers for penalty shoot-out, then 'sudden death'.

11) Each team must field one lady or Esperanza FC player at all times.

This is a charity tournament with volunteer referees. Please participate in the spirit of fun and fair play!


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