BEFC vs Lions FC

BEFC vs Lions FC 2017
March 18th (Sat)
KO: 17:10

As already said Lions like to play us. They see us as rivals in some way, or just really like it when they beat us. I know this because they told me that straight to my face, so we have to expect them to be bringing in their best team to contest us. Last time they found a professional Urayasu Briobecca striker to come along, who also had been playing division 2 in the Czech Republic. It certainly made them more of a threat but we hear he's back playing in the Czech Republic now. Anyway, that's the sort of antics we can expect to get put out against us.

Aside from that Lions form hasn't been good, but when they have their strong team out they really can play good football, and it's always very physical. They did us a nice favour recently by beating Zion 3 - 4, but unless Zion are having a dip it shows that Lions can pull off strong wins on their day.

The last match we played against them was probably the toughest so far, largely due to the professional striker, but they will be trying to make this hard for us.

Here's the MOM / Match report from the last time to remind you: