Friday Night 11s - Tennozu Isle

BEFC 11s Training
29th April (Friday)

Semi-competitive match vs Hoshino's team in Tennozu Isle on Friday night  ---- and national holiday.
After our really good performance on Friday there is a long break until we'll play again. Some guys have talked about wanting to play more together so we can practice, and also there are a number of guys who want more match time to show everyone their full game.

This match is now confirmed.
This pitch is the very nice one in Tonnozu Isle and is proper 11s size. His other pitches are sort of 9vs9 affairs.
Update, pitch mistake on his website. It's Tennozu Isle Pitch C. Still okay pitch but more 9vs9 size.

Hoshino's lads are very good and young, so definitely a good outfit to practice against. And they play a very different style than we usually go up against.

You don't have to be part of the 11s squad to sign up for this. If you are hoping to compete to get into the squad then its a good game to try out in. Also for our current 11s squad, this is good for us to practice, and improve in areas with Division 1 in mind.

Match fee is ¥1000 which we collect and pay to Hoshino.

*We have the pitch for 2 hours, so KO at 7pm doesn't have to be exact, if you might be later. Just say so in the comments. Also like before you can also put a % chance of being able to play *