Ladies Friendly Match

Sun, 12/03/2017 - 11:00
11:00 ~ 16:00

The Yokosuka Storm have invited us out once again to play a friendly 11s outdoor soccer match. As with our match in November, we will warm up with some drills and based on the number of BEFC Ladies members may mix teams. There is no match fee, only your transportation costs.

Please review the required ID information below. Note the base is very strict and rejected a few IDs last visit so to be safe bring your passport.

      Access: 〒238-0041 Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokosuka, 本町 (Yokosuka-chuo train station).

There is not a shuttle from the station. It's about a 10 minute walk to the main gate. Walk directly up Blue Street (Main road outside station), turn left at the end the of the street and you will see the main entrance on your right. 

All visitors, age of 13 and older need to show one or a set of the following Identifications in order to access base.

      ① Driver’s License   a. Driver’s License which has a permanent address of the holder on the card is acceptable
                                   b. Driver’s License which has no permanent address of the holder on the card is not acceptable unless it’s presented with Juminhyo or Kisaiinjihyo. You can obtain Juminhyo at City Hall and Kisaiinjihyo at Yokosuka Police Station.
      ② Passport
      ③ Juminkihondaicho-Card with picture (Basic Resident Register Card)
      ④ Student ID (junior high and high schools) with picture (Visiting time must be before 17:00)
      ① Alien Registration Card
      ② Passport
◆Only Driver’s license without permanent address on the card is not acceptable. Jyuminhyo or Kisaiinjihyo
Must be with it. ◆Identification must be valid. ◆All information on the Identification must be clear.
◆Student ID may be used before 17:00. College student ID is not acceptable.