After Futsal Social - SPOT Pizza Night!

Spot Pizza Night
1st February (Wed)
22:00 ~

What does Messi, Neymar and Suarez eat after running 10km in a football match? Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza of course!
So after we run hard over 2 hours of futsal we need to refuel with a nice pizza recover of carbs and protein.... and maybe a few beers.

The Spot is the unofficial clubhouse of BEFC for decades and just behind the Embassy on the way to the station. We've convinced the Spot to put cheese and meat pizza on the menu and if we bring 10+ people after futsal, the club will pay for them!

BEFC isn't just playing football, we are also a social club and it's good to hang out and get to know each other better.
The Spot has always been a good place to do this after futsal sessions and as we have a number of new faces, and also hardcore Spot veterans no longer with us, we should remind everyone that dropping buy the Spot before going home is something we like to encourage.

So whether it's for the good company, the beer or to eat pizza - come and join everyone after futsal at the Spot.

*You don't need to come to futsal either, you could just show up for the social. But we need people to register before Tuesday 10pm (like futsal) since the kind owners of the Spot will be buying the ingredients in especially for our Pizza night!

If it's good, maybe post-futsal pizza at low Spot prices can be a regular refuel or evening dinner after running about for 2 hours!!
Our desire for pizza can make a permanent addition to their menu!