BEFC vs Dutch FC

BEFC vs Dutch FC
16th April (Sun)

Surprise TML fixture gives us the chance to seal the deal early against Dutch FC.
Sadly we have to travel out to Fukuda Denshi on a Sunday late night game, but that also must make it sucky for the Dutch too. Last fixture we hammered Dutch and we need to do the same if we want to try and break the record for goal difference of any team in the last 3 seasons.

Beating Dutch has to happen because there should be no excuse for dropping points against a team about to be relegated from Division 2. We are promoted already and have to play like a Division 1 level team who would be expected to be putting down a big score on them.

Dutch maybe struggling at the moment but that is no excuse for us to change our mentality or take it easy. If anything we should be trying to do better than our last fixture and challenge ourselves for it!