BEFC vs Oakwood Clash

BEFC vs Oakwood Clash
March 12th (Sat)
Meet: 18:00 KO: 19:10

Division 3 Oakwood Clash are surprising FJ Plate specialists, having found their way to the Plate Final last year, and dispatching the Vagabonds into this fixture against us.
In fact this a revenge match because Oakwood Clash also put us out of the Plate last year on penalties.

So despite their Division 3 league position we need to take them seriously in the cup situation, as they've already shown last year and this year they know how to get up for it.
As actually said by their captain at the AGM last year, the Plate is something they feel is their only real chance to go and win something. So it is their number 1 priority and games they plan to win at (penalties being a handy change to the dynamic).

This is relates to the new changes in rules that Division 1 Teams cannot be drawn against each other in the first round of the cup. Why? --- because it means Division 1 teams in the Plate end up simply winning it. Swiss Kickers vs Clash in last years final is just silly for any Division 2 or 3 team. In the new format the Plate is very winnable for all involved (a true Plate), so expect Clash to be out to make a statement in their Plate Cup run.

Lastly Cup Team Rosters do not have to be the same as League Team Rosters. This means Clash can use players not normaly in their squad, and possibly from Division 1 Oakwood Geckoes. Geckoes got knocked out by Fussa in the last round, so it is less likely they can use Geckoes because only those who have not played in the Cup and Plate matches would be available. But who knows, they had the huge Dvision 1 midfielder last year, so expect anything.