BEFC vs Oakwood Clash - FJ Plate

BEFC vs Oakwood Clash - FJ Plate
1st March (Sun)

Match Cancelled - Pitch unplayable.

BEFC continue their run in the Footy Japan Plate with a matchup against Division 3 team Oakwood Clash. The Clash are the second team of division one's Oakwood Geckoes (also still in the Plate).

Currently the Clash are not doing very well lanquishing second from bottom with only a single win, one draw and six losses. Their advancement in the plate was a 3 - 1 win over Albion Oldboys of Division 3.

BEFC will be favourites for this but in TML anything can happen - so we don't want to take any chances. More wins in the plate equals more games for us! So we're out to win this one like all the rest.
Also late kick off for this one on a Sunday evening, so bear that in mind for getting back after the match.

A little more information on the Clash. Word on the street is that they do have two very good strikers, and their position in the league doesn't really do them justice. Might be similar to where we were in the league before Christmas. So simply, the word is not to underestimate them and play a strong backline. Table suggests their own defence is poor, which should give joy to our new attacking strikeforce.