How to join

Currently BEFC is only accepting new members by invitation or introduction by current members. This is due to an already very high membership number.

The usual process for joining BEFC is as follows.

  • You will need to be introduced by a current BEFC member or already have been in contact with the club.
  • A member of BEFC will then contact you with more details about BEFC and most likely invite you to play an Embassy Football session in Hanzomon.
  • If you are interested only in futsal you're then able to make your decision whether you wish to join the club fully and sent the BEFC Guide.
  • If you are interested in playing elevens and are deemed of a level to compete in Division 2, you'll be invited to the next TML fixture.
  •  For TML players you're likely to be given half a game to trial playing for the team. If you wish to continue playing for BEFC you'll be sent the BEFC Guide and asked to formally join the club and registered with the TML.
    Once a full member and properly registered you'll play as a full member of the team.
  • An individual becomes a Full Member upon payment of their subscription fee and acceptance of the BEFC disclaimer.
  • Full Members are given an account for this website where they can get information on BEFC matches and events, and sign up for them online.