Playing Information

Futsal is held every Wednesday from 19:30 until roughly 22:00 and takes place at the British Embassy in Hanzomon Tokyo.
5 minutes games are played rotating teams comprised from the members present on the day, with infrequent breaks and self refereed.

BEFC members are guests and we are escorted on and off the site as a group. Therefore it is important to arrive before 19:30 and with photo ID, otherwise you will not be permitted onto the grounds.

What you'll need

  • Normal Sports Clothing
  • Preferably astroturf boots, although court shoes are fine.
  • Photo ID
  • ¥100 to donate to court lighting.

Changing rooms with showers are available.


Embassy House Rules

  • When teams are made, one player on each team will be designated as a referee. When that team is not playing they will act to make calls and settle disputes.
  • Kick off and restarts: At kick off it is customary for the starting side to concede possession and kick the ball into the opponents half like proper gentleman. This signals start of play. After a goal is scored restarts can be immediate and taken like goal kicks, not from the halfway line.
  • Goal Kicks may be kicked or thrown. These are both limited to inside their own half unless it is touched by another player first.
  • Kick ins: Unless caught on a fast play, please take two sizable steps back from the player as regular futsal.
  • 'Fergie Time': When the buzzer goes at the end of a match we play 'Fergie Time', which means play may continue until the next restart (out of play, goal, foul etc.).
    If the ball is already out of play 'Fergie Time' is playable providing it is taken quickly and at the descretion of the referee.
  • Please assist in setting up and cleaning the pitch before and after the session. This includes: checking the nets, pumping the balls, getting out the goalie gloves, putting out the timer, preparing bibs before you warm up. After the session: sweep the pitch, put the equipment back, put the tennis court net back and make sure no bottles and items are left behind.
  • Bibs: After each session a member should wash the bibs and return them next week. Please volunteer. The person who washes the bibs doesn't have to pay the donation to the lights, but also considering we pay almost nothing for 2 hours of futsal, volunteering to wash the bibs should be no inconvenience to anyone. Anyone who knows they are attending next week should actively take the bibs. 
  • Out of Bounds: If you kick the ball out of the netted enclosure (quite a feat), you must immediately go and recover it. Another player will replace you until it is recovered. Note: Deflections are exempt.
  • Contact: We play at an increasingly competitive level, however please gauge the intensity and level of your contact based on the player you are challenging. Futsal contact is much lighter than regular 11s and 7s games. If you would like to play higher levels of physicality please consider joining 7s and 11s as many fellow members tone down their level of contact from these when playing futsal. Futsal sessions are not the place for overly hard play.
  • Behaviour: While frustration is normal at times, tantrums and boorish behaviour towards fellow players will not be tolerated. Be aware of your language (in all dialects) and attitude. This is a friendly and respectful futsal team and one of BEFC's core principles is Sportsmanship above all else.
  • For safety: Do not wear jewelry or watches. Fitness trackers must either be soft (rubber) to not cause injury or taped as to not be dangerous.