Fees and Requisites

Subscription and Fees

Full membership requires a subscription fee to the club which covers participation in activities for TML Elevens, Embassy Futsal and Ladies for the season.
Membership can be singular or a combined subscription which can include any of the aforementioned clubs.
After potential members play as guests if they wish to continue they will be asked to pay the membership in order to become a Full Member.
The membership term for both teams starts from September ~ August and runs on an annual basis.

Each new term members are asked to renew their subscription with the club if they intend to continue playing with the decision to renew often requested 2 months before the end of the term (July/August). 

Joining later in a season

In cases where players join later in the season subscription will be determined on a proquarterly

Fees can be paid by cash or by bank transfer of which details are provided in the club’s request for payment.


BEFC members are expected to uphold a standard of behaviour when representing the club. BEFC values are competitive sportsmanship, respect and fairness. In reference to the original BEFC Rules, the club is primarily a social club and while competitive we want everyone to enjoy playing at BEFC. Therefore members respect each other regardless of ability, background, position etc, and accept that the team and club come before the needs of the individual.

We ask members to be mindful that the club is seen to represent the British Embassy in the TML and especially in Embassy Futsal competitions. Therefore unsociable, anti-social and disruptive behaviour is unacceptable. Individuals who are unable to behave in a socially acceptable manner or have trouble understanding appropriate social norms would be better off joining a different club. There is an element of responsibility that needs to be adhered to in order to represent BEFC.