British Embassy FC

  • BEFC TML 16 Squad 2018
  • BEFC TML15 Squad 2017
  • BEFC TML14 Squad 2017 - Champions
  • BEFC TML 13 Squad 2015
  • BEFC TML 13 Squad 2015
  • BEFC FJC Winners 2021

British Embassy FC (BEFC) are a competitive football team playing competitively in Division 1 of the Tokyo Metropolis League (

In existence since the 70s, BEFC formally re-established in 1994 entering into the IFFL league and then joining the Tokyo Metropolis League at it's formation.
Over the years BEFC has had various success from promotion into Division 1 as well as Plate wins in the TML Cup. In recent seasons BEFC gradually became more competitive at the wishes of the playing squad and in doing so won promotion to TML Division 1 in 2016/17, runner's up in the FCJ Cup in 2017/18 and after being relegated winning promotion back to Division 1 again in 2018/19. BEFC has managed to remain in Division 1 following the 2019/2021 season, and also won the FCJ Cup for the first time in club history. Now BEFC are taking up the challenge of establishing themselves in Division 1 and ever improving how they can play.

With a refined player squad and competitive outlook BEFC are currently only looking for players to replace current squad members who leave. Or in special circumstances a player introduced by current members and need to have patience to slowly work their way into the current squad.

The TML season runs roughly from September to June with games once or twice per month on weekends. More information about the TML including details about league standings and fixtures are available on