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27th (Sat) Jun 2020

Adecco BEFC MVP BEFC vs Pumas - Ken Hamaya

June 20th finally saw BEFC's return to action after a 4 month hiatus, against none other than Division 1 Champions Pumas. BEFC had a very promising start with 2 early chances following direct play into space, but Ririo Bato could not convert on the volley. Unfortunately Pumas got settled into the...
25th (Sat) Jan 2020

Adecco MVP BEFC vs Dutch FC - Timothy Witvliet

The second round of the Cup saw BEFC tied against Dutch FC, an opponent that caused some trouble for the team in the previous season. BEFC started the game well, pressing high and forcing mistakes from the Dutch FC defense. The final ball through was not quite accurate enough yet in the early stage...
22nd (Wed) Jan 2020

Adecco BEFC MVP vs FC International - Katsuhiko Yoshikawa

Adecco BEFC MVP vs FC International - Katsuhiko Yoshikawa
After the big win against Celts the final game of 2019, BEFC faced the Division 1 regulars FC International that ended 4-3 to us BEFC. <Squad> ★→Adecco MVP Marcom (GK) Kawakami (RFB) Shimizu (CB) Marti (CB) Nagasawa (LFB) Uwatsu (DM) ★Yoshikawa (DM) Katase (RW) Bato (AM) Fujiwara (LW)...
06th (Mon) Jan 2020

Adecco MVP BEFC vs Kanto Celts - Timothy Witvliet

BEFC faced last season's D1 runners up Kanto Celts for the second time this season. Last time they faced was the first game of the season, which ended up 4-4 with BEFC’s well-earned comeback from three goals down. Despite recent unfortunate results, BEFC stayed being positive and believed if they...
06th (Mon) Jan 2020

Adecco MVP BEFC vs Panthers - Kenta Nagasawa

BEFC faced Panthers looking for another victory against them following 5-3 win in the early stage of the season. From the beginning of the game, BEFC dominated the game with beautiful passing. However, BEFC couldn’t finish a couple of crucial chances. To make matters worse, Yuki and Alo got injured...
17th (Sun) Nov 2019

Adecco MVP BEFC vs BFC - Ririo Bato

Adecco MVP BEFC vs BFC - Ririo Bato
BEFC faced BFC who has been in D1 for a long time. Due to game time change, there are few dropouts and BEFC needed to start with only one sub. BEFC had brilliant start scoring 3 goals in the first 25 minutes. Ririo got his first goal of the day by smashing the second ball from corner kick. After 5...
17th (Sun) Nov 2019

Adecco MVP BEFC vs King George - Ben Palmer

Adecco BEFC MVP vs King George - Ben Palmer
In the first round of the Footy Japan Cup, BEFC had been drawn against old rivals King George and the sayonara game for BEFC Captain Ben Palmer. When the captain took over from Fernando Bermudez, King George were a new arrival in Division 2 and that season posed plenty of threat for a BEFC who just...
29th (Tue) Oct 2019

Adecco MVP BEFC vs Pumas - Ken Hamaya

Adecco BEFC MVP vs Pumas - Ken Hamaya
After nearly one month from the last win against Sala, BEFC faced the last season D1 champion - Pumas FC. With some late dropouts, two of BEFC players needed to start in the second favorite position - Katsu as CB and Yuki as FB but they did a great job for the team. BEFC was well motivated for the...
06th (Sun) Oct 2019

Adecco MVP BEFC Ladies Shibuya-ku Ladies Futsal Tournament - Mari Wada

The BEFC Ladies team made a strong showing in the Shibuya-ku tournament after a few months of cancelled tournaments. The morning rain, cold weather, and young teams gave the ladies some challenges. However, the ladies were able to pull together and earned third place in the tournament. Patri...
01st (Tue) Oct 2019

Adecco MVP BEFC vs Sala - Frederico Giacomini

Adecco BEFC MVP vs Sala FC - Frederico Giacomini
After losing out to Sala in the final match of last season, and losing not just the match, but the Division title there was some revenge to be had! Sala versus BEFC games are always intense and eventful. This match wasn't going to disappoint. Sala had drafted in some new British players into their...