Adecco MVP BEFC vs BFC - Ririo Bato

  • Adecco MVP BEFC vs BFC - Ririo Bato

BEFC faced BFC who has been in D1 for a long time. Due to game time change, there are few dropouts and BEFC needed to start with only one sub.

BEFC had brilliant start scoring 3 goals in the first 25 minutes. Ririo got his first goal of the day by smashing the second ball from corner kick. After 5 mins from his first goal, Ririo scored the second from the spot following Kenta got a foul in the box. Kenta also got his long waiting goal beautifully from just outside the box. These three goals all came from Kotaro and Katsu (Xavi) delivering ball widely to give attackers space to bring ball forwards. 

Although BEFC front 4 couldn’t finish a couple of chances with great post play and holding ball by Yuki in the first half, BEFC felt they would win this game comfortably. 
BEFC CB (Kentaro and Taka) and GK (Yu) did a great job until BFC scored a goal just before half time by their favorite long ball tactics to Hanada. It’s a sign of what was coming in the second half, and BEFC should have noticed and watched out at half time.

From the start of the second half, BFC continued using their tactics - simple long ball to Hanada and chasing the second ball. BEFC tried to cope with the tactic by covering each other. Robbie, Yuta, Kentaro and Federico tried their best not to concede, however BFC kept their tactic and BEFC allowed BFC to score 4 goals in a row.  

BEFC had several chances to score with link up play including late coming goal scoring machine Kentaro, but only netted once in the second half. Ririo scored the third goal inside the box to complete his hat trick putting his name on the top of the D1 top scorer list. The game ended up 4-5 loss for BEFC. 

It’s a very disappointing result for BEFC, but BEFC should learn how to control the game mentally and tactically when they are taking a lead. Also in the future games, BEFC should focus on not only their attacking but also understanding the opposition tactic and communicating each other to deal with it. Another loss in D1 teaches important lessons to BEFC to improve and become better team.

The Adecco MVP for BEFC vs BFC is hat trick hero Ririo Bato. He was playing a crucial role in attack and also completed a hat trick. Hope more goals are coming from him and get a golden boots award in the league!