BEFC vs Zion FC

BEFC vs Zion FC 2017
18th November (Sat)

In both previous seasons matches versus Zion turned into a bit of a thing. So far BEFC have come out on top but there is a sort of secret rivalry to every match. This is the Division 1 episode and while it seems Zion are also finding division 1 as challenging as we are, word is they have improved their squad too.

This will be a tough match if we don't take it as seriously as we have done in all previous clashes. We know they really want to get revenge on us and always show up with a gameplan and maximum effort. If you remember last time, despite the scoreline about half of them collapsed on the floor on the final whistle you'll understand how much they wanted it.

Also these are the matches we have to win, if we're going to be a resident division 1 club.