BEFC vs Panthers

BEFC vs Panthers
2nd December (Sat)

BEFC's start to Division One life kicked off with a enigmatic spanking of Panthers 6 - 0, which put the team in good stead for the challenges of Division 1 life.
Panthers complained that they didn't have their key players available (... reputation for that...) and since we know a bunch of them, word is that these players are back.
No doubt Panthers will be out for some tasty revenge so it sets up a very meaty fixture.

A couple of things already said about Panthers is that it's known they don't often field a solid squad, as certain players show up irregularly for them and their run of results reflect this.
They beat Zion 3 - 1, which isn't that impressive, lost to Sala 3 -2, lost to FC International 4 -2, but also beat BFC 4 -2 and most recently smashed Dutch FC 9 - 0  in the cup.
What to make of this is either, Panthers play well against a certain type of team or rely on bringing in irregular players as the reputation from other D1 captains says.

What we do know about Panthers is they have a super star striker, Kogi Oguro who won the Golden Boot for D1 last season. We've watched them play and he is very much like watching the 'Matrix' in how we gets around the pitch. In the games watched however Panthers overall tactic appeared to be defend and then lump the ball high up to Ogura and hope he scores. Being that he picked up the ball and then skinned three defenders before passing it to a team mate who fluffed the finish, you can sort of see why. Needless to say, when he is playing Panthers have a huge threat.
For those who know Zion FC, and also played in the last match, Zion had a scoring machine in Yusuke Kawano who they overly rely on to produce magic. Ogura has similarities as a supercharged division one version.

The other player known to us is their right winger Keizo Ondiege. He's very quick but as reported from maybe his own team even, he runs and then runs into corners, and doesn't really have delivery.
Their attack plan with Ondiege is for him to hit the wing at speed and try to find Ogura. So that all ends with Ogura... we just stop Ogura. Ondiege is not likely to perform any finishing magic himself and more likely fluff it up when he runs out of space. This guy also showed up Musketeers in D2 last season (along with some other D1 ringers) and Nils shut him down the whole match.

A good result against Panthers will take us above them in the table and tuck us nicely behind Pumas and BFC.
However (like all D1 matches) we can expect this one to be a big game, against an opponent out for some revenge!

Being that we like the big games, it should make this one even better.