BEFC vs FC Sagarmatha

BEFC vs FC Sagarmatha
12th May (Sunday)

Early kick-off but nice central location for the return game against FC Sagarmatha. The last match was pretty intense at Hachioji Park with Sagarmatha having a player sent off for headbutting Yuki and then throwing some kind of Darth Vadar choke hold on Joe. It was a close match and ended 1 - 0, so I expect them to be looking for some revenge, hopefully the non-violent kind.

In the match report of the previous game it says we could have won more like 4 - 0 if we had put away our chances, and we diced with danger from the FC Sagarmatha counter attack. This is one of our common issues, so hopefully we can get our attacks in well, but also be mindful of not making ourselves vulnerable to counters. When a team sustains pressure for long periods but doesn't punish the defending team, they start to get confident they can get something from the game. We need to be aware of this, and maybe even allow the opponent some time trying to attack us if they are soaking all the pressure, and counter attack ourselves.

Anyway, this should be another challenging game and we need a bounce back after Dutch. We were a little flat that day until the second half, and there is a huge difference in a team that is highly motivated to win and one that just isn't as intense. Because the last game ended 1 - 0, Sagarmatha probably feel they can get something from us in this fixture. We have to show them what the real score-line should have been!