BEFC Half Season General Meeting 2017

BEFC General Meeting 2017
22nd January (Sunday)
15:00 ~ 17:00

BEFC has two general meetings a year to discuss actions and changes within the club. We need to have the Half Season meeting very soon so this is a proposed date as there is no TML this weekend.
This meeting will take place at our sponsor, Rain Interactive's office in Shimbashi to esure WiFi that actually works.

All members are encourage to join the meeting if they wish to have a say in any of the topics discussed.
There is a link below for logged in Members to read the current agenda.

If you wish to add anything to the meeting/agenda please email the club with your topic.
If you can't attend but would like to put forward a nomination, vote, opinion etc please email the club before the meeting and it can be done on your behalf.

Maybe this year, being in Rain's office we can set up a Google Hangout for any remote attendance. See how that goes...